giovedì 22 giugno 2017


22 giugno 2017 Spazio MILLEPIANI - Roma 

Ore 15.00  
Meeting of participants and introduction of our Greek guests

Ore 15.20 - 15.50

Presentation of the activities carried out by Millepiani Coworking in the field of social innovation

Ore 15.50 - 16.10

Marco Vigelini, Coderdojo Allumiere, "Game-based learning and Minecraft experimentation (arts for kids)"

Ore 16.10 - 16.30

Laura Nanni, Art'Incantiere Association, "Italian as a second language, Citizenship education, Building communities and theater"


Ore 16.30 - 17.10

Paola Santoro, LEGO Serious Play, "Facilitating creative thinking through team building activities"

Ore 17.10 - 17.30

Annabella Di Finizio, CPIA Napoli, "Learning by sharing: job shadowing and technological and creative education for multicultural and adult classes" 

Ore 17.30 - 17.45

Presentation of the Greek experiences 

Ore 17.45 - 18.00

Paolo Russo, Stati Generali dell'Innovazione, concludes with the Cards of Innovation